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Serving on Support Team connects you with a wonderful community, deepens your relationship with spirit, and brings many opportunities for growth and blessings.

"As someone who isn't particularly spiritual, and hasn't done much volunteering or camping, Stone Mountain was a remarkable experience. The community was inviting, funny, made the work of creating a village a joy, and made the spirit of service and feeling like a part of a greater whole easy, even for someone who is coming from a place that is disconnected from all of that. 


Going into it not knowing at all what to expect, just learning about and being a part of the ritual was so interesting, and involved the kind of challenges that you can only grow from. A rare and unique experience. And not out in total remoteness, but just outside of Atlanta, basically in public. Crazy to think about.


On a more personal note, I went during a time of great personal transition, dealing with a lot of big decisions I felt unable to deal with. Unquestionably, something about just being of service and in that environment and community made it incredibly clear what it was I had to do next. Whatever it was I gave, I got so much more in return. Five incredibly spent days."

- Wiley, Spring Ceremony Support Team Member


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